| MONITOR | 1/2018 26 INNOVAT I VE PRODUCTS Insulat ion moni toring device ISOMETER® isoHR685 Early recognition and quality assurance It is possible to counteract the sudden appearance of an insulation fault at a very early stage: The isoHR685 measures insulation resistances in a range up to 10 GΩ. The measured values are available as a trend graph in the integrated 'isoGraph'. This graphic presentation of the insulation resistance over time enables a trend of the insulation level to be recognised at an early stage. Different time scales are available for this purpose. This makes it possible to initiate plant maintenance long before an insulation fault occurs. The 'isoGraph' also makes it possible to assess the quality of the electrical plant components. By way of example, it is therefore possible to understand whether the insulation level has changed when exchanging devices. From as early as the plant installation stage, records are kept regarding any change in the insulation resistance due to the connection and joining of new components. The insulation monitoring devices provided by Bender offer plant operators reliable electrical safety technology which also reduces the plant’s maintenance investment considerably and provides an early trend regarding the insulation resistance. The globally proven ISOMETER® series iso685 has now enjoyed strong growth with the new isoHR685. This device variant is able to measure insulation resist- ances up to the 10 GΩ range. Decisive advantages through early monitoring of insulation resistances Recognise the trend at an early stage