• 简单设置
  • 长期分析
  • 可视化
  • 自动报告
  • 交叉位置
  • 电气装置和设备的集中测试和监视(IEC 60364-6)
  • 无需安装本地软件


基于Web软件解决方案的POWERSCOUT® 帮助您在早期发现故障并经济合理的方式消除。POWERSCOUT® 保证了装置和操作的高安全性并且降低了成本。

人工数据采集费时费力,容易出错,并且只能提供随机抽样的结果。 POWERSCOUT® 能够让你在任何时候都能洞察到装置的完整数据,因此所有的测量值都能自动并且连续不断的保存。 POWERSCOUT® 结合了测量和监视设备的数据,并所有重要的测量值都生成易于理解的可视化图文。


Watch the POWERSCOUT movie

  • 特征
  • 应用
  • 订货信息
  • 下载
  • Transmission of measured values every minute
  • Resolution of the data as a function of the velocity of the bus system
  • 16 visible dashboards
  • 256 public dashboards
  • Commissioning wizards
    – Residual current
    – Stray currents
    – Neutral conductor
    – Central earthing point
  • Dashboard management
  • Tree views management
  • Report management
  • Automated sending of reports
  • Integration via CP700, CP9xx(-I), COM465IP and COM465DP
  • Integration of third-party devices
  • A web-based application for all types of devices
  • Languages
    – English
    – German
  • User management
  • Supported browsers
    – Chrome
    – Firefox
    – Internet Explorer
  • Commissioning wizards
    The wizards support the user in generating dashboards and reports. With just a few steps, meaningful dashboards related to a specific subject of electrical safety can be generated.
  • Residual current
    The commissioning wizard supports you in creating a dashboard that allows evaluating the level of the residual current at a glance. The ratio of residual current and load current is calculated.
  • Stray currents
    The wizard for stray currents indicates the system parts where excessive stray currents exist.
  • Central earthing point
    The central earthing point wizard generates a meaningful visualisation for the user by querying the current at the CEP and the corresponding phase current.
  • Neutral conductor
    The excessive load on the neutral conductor challenges many system operators. The commissioning wizard evaluates the neutral currents and indicates whether they are too high.



TypCollectors (gateways)UserArt No.
POWERSCOUT 2up to 210B95061500
POWERSCOUT 5up to 520B95061501
POWERSCOUT 10up to 1040B95061502
POWERSCOUT Project> 10> 40B95061503
If you choose the Hosted model, we will operate POWERSCOUT® for you in a German data centre. We take care of updates and maintenance for you.




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