ISOMETER® isoHR1685DW–925

ISOMETER® isoHR1685DW–925

  • 移动绝缘升降工作平台绝缘监视设备
  • 工作在带电架空线路下的保护
  • 在工作过程中,连续不断地绝缘监视
  • 用于校验绝缘条件的数据存储
  • 随时间变化,绝缘电阻的示意图 (isoGraph)

ISOMETER® isoHR1685DW-925被设计用于在升降作业平台/架空接触网车辆地绝缘监视。设备可以在高达1500V电压的现场运输车辆(尤其是危险车辆)的带电架空线路上工作。为保护操作人员,架空接触网车辆配备了2个绝缘等级。污染、老化或损坏绝缘等级而导致电流对人员危险是可感知的,并显示触电危险。




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    ISOMETER® for mobile, insulated elevating work platforms
  • Continuous monitoring of both insulation levels on elevating work platforms, also during operation
  • Storage of data for verification of insulation condition. Where necessary, provision of documentary verification following a electrical accident
  • Graphical representation of the insulation resistance over time (isoGraph)
  • RS-485 interface with BMS protocol and Modbus RTU for forwarding data, alarms and acknowledgements via existing communication to work platform
  • History memory with real-time clock (13-day buffer) for storing 1023 alarm messages with date and timestamp
  • Freely programmable digital inputs
  • Automatic device self-test with automatic message in the event of a fault
  • Connection monitoring
  • Separately adjustable response values Ran1 (alarm 1) and Ran2 (alarm 2) for prewarning and alarm
  • High-resolution graphic LC display, for excellent readability and recording of the device status
  • Measurement of high-resistance insulation faults 100 kΩ…50 GΩ
  • Automatic adjustment to high system leakage capacitances
  • Insulation monitoring device for mobile, insulated elevating work platforms


版本 ISOMETER® isoHR1685DW–925

TypeSupply voltage*Response value rangeNominal system voltageArt. No.
isoHR1685DW-925DC 18…30 V100 kΩ…100 MΩAC 0…1000 V, DC 0…1500 VB91065806W
* Absolute values

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