CC612 转换控制器

CC612 转换控制器

  • 通过OCPP通讯协议的智能电网能力
  • 紧凑的设计,只有22.6毫米宽
  • 支持本地负载管理
  • PLC调制解调器 (ISO 15188) 集成
  • RCD A型足够用于充电站,无需B型RCD

充电控制器监视充电系统内部硬件,如仪表、用户接口板或插座。它的特点是紧凑的设计和尺寸,从而使充电系统智能化、小型化和减少成本。为了确保充电控制器能够通信,需要一个后端系统。鉴于大多数后端供应商严格坚持开放充电点协议(OCPP),充电控制器OCPP1.5和OCPP1.6兼容。所有在OCPP中特定的消息支持,以及一些供应商特定的扩展基于数据传输的消息。与供应商后端实现的集成测试,例如Vattenfall、Bosch、NTT和DRIIVZ已经成功执行。充电控制器可以作为一个始终连接到移动网络的系统运行。控制器支持2.5G 移动和4G UMTS移动网络。在线操作的连接要求SIM卡(不包括在交付中)。使用RFID模块,包括RFID读卡器和LED,可以方便地进行用户交互。充电是通过持有一个有效的RFID卡靠近阅读器开始的。在离线操作中,充电控制器无需授权可以随意充电,也可以基于RFID和授权的RFID卡授权本地白名单用户。


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  • Charge controller acc. to IEC 61851-22 (mode 3)
  • It can be configured as either a Master or Slave
  • The charge controller can be integrated into a single or three-phase system up to 80 A
  • Smart Grid enabled using standard OCPP functionality
  • OCPP 1.5 and OCPP 1.6 compliant with JSON, SOAP and Binary implementation
  • Supports 4G (LTE), 3G (UMTS) und 2G (GSM) mobile networks with an integrated 4G modem in all data gateways with 4G modem
  • Two USB interfaces:
    – CONFIG for local configuration
    – Other is used an extension port for peripheral USB devices (Ethernet/WiFi home applications)
    – Master/slave hardware configuartion
  • Control Pilot and Proximity Pilot signal management
  • Universal charge plug control (support for different vendors of sockets)
  • Configurable support for one additional household socket
  • Can connect to eHZ or Modbus meters and to meters with an S0 interface
  • User interface board for customer-specific applications
  • Configurable 3-channel input/output extension interface for additional functionality
  • Only an external RCD type A is required
  • Internal temperature sensors
  • A Peer Group Mechanism or Dynamic Load Management where a set current is shared between a group of charge controllers
  • Optional integrated ISO/IEC 15118 power line communication (PLC) for plug & charge and load management systems
  • Local and remote configuration
  • electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, wall boxes or street light charging points


可选配件 CC612 转换控制器

DesignationArt. No.
RFID110-L1 with RJ45 cable (length 500 mm)B94060110
RFID114 with RJ45 cable (length 500 mm)B94060114
Measuring current transformer* W15BS (Cable length 1500 mm)B98080065
Measuring current transformer* W15BS-02 (Cable length 180 mm)B98080067
Measuring current transformer* W15BS-03 (Cable length 320 mm)B98080068
* The measuring current transformer has an internal diameter of 15 mm.

版本 CC612 转换控制器

TypeModemMeterRDC-MD*PLC** hardwareUser interfaceLEDs Art. No.
CC612-1M4PR4GeHZ-, S0 interfaceXXXReady, Alarm, PLCB94060011
CC612-2M4PR4GModbus, S0 interfaceXXXReady, Alarm, PLCB94060013
CC612-2M4R4GModbus, S0 interfaceX--XReady, AlarmB94060015
CC612-1S0PR--eHZ-, S0 interfaceXXXReady, Alarm, PLCB94060005
CC612-2S0PR--Modbus, S0 interfaceXXXReady, Alarm, PLCB94060007
CC612-2S0R--Modbus, S0 interfaceX--XReady, AlarmB94060010
*The charge controller only works in combination with the measuring current transformer, which must be ordered separately.
** Optional and enabled by a software update

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