• 电流、电压、频率、电能、谐波以及其他更多参数
  • 带数据记录器功能
  • Modbus通讯(TCP + RTU)
  • 精度 0.2 S

- This device series is in the discontinuation phase. -
Deliverable according to availability until 30.06.2022

通用测量设备PEM575适用于记录和显示公共电网的电能质量。测量范围:从电压和电流到电能消耗和性能以及总谐波失真和电压质量评估。 有功功率测量精度符合标准DIN EN 62053-22 (VDE 0418 Part 3-22)标准等级 0.2 S。 通过外部 .../1 A或 .../5 A测量电流互感器连接电流输入。

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  • 应用
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  • Accuracy class according to IEC 62053-22: 0.2 S
  • Parameters
    – Phase conductor voltages UL1, UL2, UL3 in V
    – Line voltages UL1L2, UL2L3, UL3L1 in V
    – Phase currents I1, I2, I3 in A
    – Neutral current (calculated) I4 in A
    – Frequency f in Hz
    – Phase angle for U and I in °
    – Power per phase conductor S in kVA, P in kW, Q in kvar
    – Total power S in kVA, P in kW, Q in kvar
    – Displacement factor cos (φ)
    – Power factor λ
    – Active and reactive power import in kWh, kvarh
    – Active and reactive power export in kWh, kvarh
    – Voltage unbalance in %
    – Current unbalance in %
    – Harmonic distortion (THD) for U and I
    – Harmonic factor for I
  • Programmable setpoint monitoring
  • LED pulse outputs for active and reactive power
  • Modbus RTU communication via RS-485
  • 2 digital outputs
  • Requirements of energy and current for particular time frames
  • Peak demands with timestamps
  • Individual, harmonic components in current and voltage up to the 31st harmonic
  • Minimum and maximum values
  • Waveform test (12.8 kHz)
  • Data recorder
  • Sag/swell detection
  • High-resolution waveform recording
  • Detection of transient events
  • As a compact device for front panel mounting, the PEM575 is a replacement for analogue indicating instruments
  • Typical application in low and medium-voltage networks (via measuring voltage transformer)
  • Power quality monitoring
  • Collection of relevant data for energy management systems
  • Energy consumption allocation to cost accounting centers
  • High-resolution recording of the waveforms allow an analysis of power quality phenomena



Window-type current transformer
DesignPrimary currentSecondary currentAccuracyTypeArt. No.
CTB316051WL60­5 KL.1B98086001
CTB316011WL60­1 KL.1B98086002
CTB317551WL75­5 KL.1B98086003
CTB317511WL75­1 KL.1B98086004
CTB3112550,5WL125­5 KL.0,5B98086005
CTB3112510,5WL125­1 KL.0,5B98086006
CTB3112551WL125­5 KL.1B98086007
CTB3112511WL125­1 KL.1B98086008
CTB3115050,5WL150­5 KL.0,5B98086009
CTB3115010,5WL150­1 KL.0,5B98086010
CTB3115051WL150­5 KL.1B98086011
CTB3115011WL150­1 KL.1B98086012
CTB3120050,5WL200­5 KL.0,5B98086013
CTB3120010,5WL200­1 KL.0,5B98086014
CTB3120051WL200­5 KL.1B98086015
CTB3120011WL200­1 KL.1B98086016
CTB4125050,5WL250­5 KL.0,5B98086017
CTB4125010,5WL250­1 KL.0,5B98086018
CTB4125051WL250­5 KL.1B98086019
CTB4125011WL250­1 KL.1B98086020
CTB4130050,5WL300­5 KL.0,5B98086021
CTB4130010,5WL300­1 KL.0,5B98086022
CTB4130051WL300­5 KL.1B98086023
CTB4130011WL300­1 KL.1B98086024
CTB4140010,5WL400­1 KL.0,5B98086025
CTB4140051WL400­5 KL.1B98086026
CTB4140050,5WL400­5 KL.0,5B98086027
CTB4140011WL400­1 KL.1B98086028
CTB4150051WL500­5 KL.1B98086029
CTB4150050,5WL500­5 KL.0,5B98086031
CTB4150011WL500­1 KL.1B98086032
CTB4150010,5WL500­1 KL.0,5B98086033
CTB5160051WL600­5 KL.1B98086034
CTB5160050,5WL600­5 KL.0,5B98086035
CTB5160011WL600­1 KL.1B98086036
CTB5160010,5WL600­1 KL.0,5B98086037
CTB5180051WL800­5 KL.1B98086038
CTB5180050,5WL800­5 KL.0,5B98086039
CTB5180011WL800­1 KL.1B98086040
CTB5180010,5WL800­1 KL.0,5B98086041
CTB51100051WL1000­5 KL.1B98086042
CTB51100050,5WL1000­5 KL.0,5B98086043
CTB51100011WL1000­1 KL.1B98086044
CTB51100010,5WL1000­1 KL.0,5B98086045

Split-core type current transformer
DesignPrimary currentSecondary currentAccuracyTypeArt. No.
KBR185013FS5WLS50­1 KL­3FS5B98086046
KBR1810013FS5WLS100­1 KL.3FS5B98086047
KBR1815013FS5WLS150­1 KL.3FS5B98086048
KBR3225013FS5WLS250­1 KL.3FS5B98086049
KBR3250013FS5WLS500­1 KL.1FS5B98086050


TypeInterfaceNominal system voltageCurrent inputArt. No.
PEM575RS-485/Ethernet3(N)AC 230/400 V 5 A B93100575
PEM575-151RS-485/Ethernet3(N)AC 69/120 V 1 A B93100580
PEM575-155RS-485/Ethernet3(N)AC 69/120 V 5 A B93100579
PEM575-251RS-485/Ethernet3(N)AC 230/400 V 1 A B93100576




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