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带无数测量值,PEM系列的所有设备能够测量电能和功率值。当然,如果测量点是用于清单,则需要满足特殊要求(必须进行校准)。 为了这个目的,带MID的电能表(测量仪表指令)的合格标识是适合的。本德尔提供电能表的选择。

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  • Energy meter with Modbus RTU interface
  • MID approved
  • 7-digit display
  • Automatic recognition of bus transmission rate and parity
  • Lead seal possible with cap as accessory
  • Resettable, partial reading
  • In addition to active energy metering, measured data such as current, voltage, power and cos (phi) is also available.
  • DIN rail mounting
  • Registration of relevant energy management data
  • Suitable for billing purposes


可选配件 电能表

DescriptionArt. No.
Sealable cover for ALD1 (two per counter)B93101009
Sealable cover for ALE3/AWD3 (four per counter)B93101010

版本 电能表

TypeDescriptionArt. No.
ALD1Energy meter 1Ph/32 A MID Modbus RTUB93101005
ALE3Energy meter 3Ph/65 A MID Modbus RTUB93101006
AWD3Energy meter 3Ph/6 A MID Modbus RTUB93101007
PCD7S0 pulse counter (four-fold) with Modbus RTUB93101008

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