交直流敏感型剩余电流监视模块RCMB121-... for safe charging of electrical vehicles according to IEC 62752 for IC-CPD and IEC 60364-7-722 for Wall Boxes

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  • Protects against hazardous situations with fault currents, preserving RCCB type A from saturation
  • Small volume and footprint for integration into compact IC-CPD
  • Robust mechanical and electrical design suitable for harsh environmental conditions
  • Electrical safety at low cost (compared to RCCB type B)
  • Integrated self-monitoring and test functions
  • Compliant with standard IEC 62752 and UL 2231
    Charging mode 2
  • IC-CPD in charging cables for electric vehicles (EV) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV)

    Charging mode 3
  • Wallboxes for charging EV and PHEV
  • Charging piles for charging EV and PHEV


版本 RCMB121

Version Type VAC Type Bender Art. No.
6 mA DC/30 mA r.m.s T60404-N4641-X900 RCMB121-1 B94042490
5 mA r.m.s./20 mA r.m.s r.m.s. T60404-N4641-X901 RCMB121-2 B94042491

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