• 通过定期检查来取代绝缘测试。组合断路器用于MRCD应用。
  • 可以通过选择每个通道的测量电流互感器进行交流、脉动或交流/直流敏感测量
  • RCMS490的设备版本每个通道带1个报警接触器
  • 谐波、DC、THF的分析
  • 对人员保护、防止火灾和设备保护来调整频率值

RCMS系统包括一个或者多个RCMS460-D/-L或RCMS490-D/-L型剩余电流监视仪,它们可以通过相应的测量电流互感器检测和评估接地系统的故障、剩余和工作电流。被监视系统的最大电压取决于测量系统中使用的相关总线排系统的测量电流互感器的标称绝缘电压,取决于穿过互感器的电缆或导体。W...AB系列测量电流互感器应用于交直流剩余电流(符合 IEC/TR 60755:B型的要求)。6个W...AB系列测量电流互感器需要1台AN420或AN110专用电源。W(闭合)、WR(长方形)、WS(开合)和WF(柔性)系列测量电流互感器用于交流和脉动电流(符合IEC/TR 60755: A型)。



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  • Optional AC, pulsed DC or AC/DC sensitive measurement by selecting the respective measuring current transformer for each channel
  • True r.m.s. value measurement
  • 12 measuring channels per device for residual current measurement or digital input
  • Up to 90 RCMS… monitors, up to1080 measuring channels in the system
  • Fast parallel scanning for all channels
  • Response ranges: 10 mA…10 A (0…2000 Hz), 6 mA…20 A (42…2000 Hz), 100 mA…125 A (42…2000 Hz) RCMS…-D4
  • Preset function
  • Adjustable time delays
  • The frequency response characteristics can be set for the protection of persons, fire and plant protection
  • History memory with date and time stamp for 300 data records
  • Data logger for 300 data records/channel
  • Analysis of the harmonics, DC, THD
  • Two alarm relays with one changeover contact each
  • Device version RCMS490 with one alarm contact per channel
  • N/O or N/C operation and fault memory selectable
  • Connection external test/reset button
  • Backlit graphical display (7-segment display) and alarm LEDs
  • Data exchange via BMS bus
  • Password protection for device setting
  • Continuous CT connection monitoring
  • RoHS compliant
  • Measuring and evaluating residual, fault and rated currents of loads and installations in the frequency range of
    - 0…2000 Hz (CTUB100 or CTBS25 series measuring current transformers),
    - 42…2000 Hz (CTAC…, WR…, WS…, WF… series measuring current transformers).
  • Monitoring of currents regarded as fire hazards in flammable atmospheres
  • EMC monitoring of TN-S systems for “stray currents” and additional N-PE connections.
  • Monitoring of N conductors for overload caused by harmonics
  • Monitoring of PE and equipotential bonding conductors to ensure they are free of current
  • Residual current monitoring of stationary electrical equipment and systems to determine test intervals which meet practical requirements in compliance with the accident prevention regulations DGUV V3 (Germany).
  • Personnel and fire protection due to rapid disconnection
  • Monitoring of digital inputs



Power supply
TypeArt. No.
STEP-PS/1 AC/24 DC/0.5 (Power supply unit for supplying up to 4 CTUB100 series measuring current transformers)*B94053110
STEP-PS/1 AC/24 DC/1.75 (Power supply unit for supplying up to 14 CTUB100 series measuring current transformers)*B94053111
STEP-PS/1 AC/24 DC/4.2 (Power supply unit for supplying up to 34 CTUB100 series measuring current transformers)*B94053112
DI-1PSM (RS-485 repeater)B95012044
* Not usable with CTUB101

Repeaters and interface converters
TypeDescriptionSupply voltage US*Art. No.
COM465IPCondition Monitor with integrated gateway: Bender system/EthernetAC/DC 24…240 V,
DC, 50…60 Hz
Function package A 
Individual text messages for all devices/channels, device failure monitoring,
email in the event of an alarm
Function package B 
Modbus TCP server for max. 98 * 139 BMS nodes as well as BCOM and
universal measuring devices, SNMP server
Function package C 
Parameter setting of BMS devices as well as BCOM and
universal measuring devices
Function package D 
Visualisation of Bender systems, System visualisation--B75061014
Function package E 
Virtual devices--B75061015
Function package F 
Integration of third-party devices--B75061016
CP907-ICondition Monitor for the connection of Bender BMS devices and universal measuring devices to TCP/IP networks--B95061031
CP915-ICondition Monitor for the connection of Bender BMS devices and universal measuring devices to TCP/IP networks--B95061033
* Absolute values

Alarm indicator and test combination
TypeArt. No.

Pulsating current sensitive measuring current transformers for RCMS460/490
TypeInternal diameter/mmType of constructionArt. No.
CTAC20ø 20circularB98110005
CTAC35ø 35circularB98110007
CTAC60ø 60circularB98110017
CTAC120ø 120circularB98110019
CTAC210ø 210circularB98110020
WR70x175S70 x 175rectangularB11738
WR70x175SP70 x 175rectangularB11790
WR115x305S115 x 305rectangularB11739
WR115x305SP115 x 305rectangularB11791
WR150x350S150 x 350rectangularB911740
WR150x350SP150 x 350rectangularB911792
WR200x500S200 x 500rectangularB911763
WR200x500SP200 x 500rectangularB911793
WS20x3020 x 30split-coreB98080601
WS50x8050 x 80split-coreB98080603
WS80x12080 x 120split-coreB98080606

AC/DC sensitive measuring current transformers for RCMS460/490
TypeInternal diameter/mmType of constructionArt. No.
CTUB102-CTBC20 ø 20circularB78120011
CTUB102-CTBC20P ø 20circularB78120021
CTBS25ø 25circularB98120060
CTUB102-CTBC35 ø 35circularB78120013
CTUB102-CTBC35P ø 35circularB78120023
CTUB102-CTBC60 ø 60circularB78120015
CTUB102-CTBC60P ø 60circularB78120025
CTUB102-CTBC120 ø 120circularB78120017
CTUB102-CTBC120P ø 120circularB78120027
CTUB102-CTBC210 ø 210circularB78120019
CTUB102-CTBC210P ø 210circularB78120029

Connection cable for CTUB100 series measuring current transformers
TypeLength/mArt. No.

Flexible measuring current transformers (pulsed DC sensitive) for RCMS460/490
TypeInternal diameter/mmSupply voltage USArt. No.
WF170-1 170 DC 9,6…94 V / AC 16…72 V, 42…460 HzB78080201
WF170-2 170 DC 70…300 V / AC 70…300 V, 42…460 HzB78080202
WF250-1 250 DC 9,6…94 V / AC 16…72 V, 42…460 HzB78080203
WF250-2 250 DC 70…300 V / AC 70…300 V, 42…460 HzB78080204
WF500-1 500 DC 9,6…94 V / AC 16…72 V, 42…460 HzB78080205
WF500-2 500 DC 70…300 V / AC 70…300 V, 42…460 HzB78080206
WF800-1 800 DC 9,6…94 V / AC 16…72 V, 42…460 HzB78080207
WF800-2 800 DC 70…300 V / AC 70…300 V, 42…460 HzB78080208
WF1200-11200DC 9,6…94 V / AC 16…72 V, 42…460 HzB78080209
WF1200-2 1200 DC 70…300 V / AC 70…300 V, 42…460 HzB78080210
WF… series measuring current transformers consist of one flexible W…F series measuring current transformer and one RCC420 signal converter.

TypeArt. No.
Mounting clip for enclosure XM420 (1 piece per device)B98060008
XM460 mounting frameB990995
XM490 mounting frameB990996


TypeSupply voltage USArt. No.
RCMS490-D-1 DC 16…94 V / AC 16…72 V, 42…460 HzB94053005
RCMS490-D4-1DC 16…94 V / AC 16…72 V, 42…460 HzB94053011
RCMS490-D-2DC 70…276 V / AC 70…276 V, 42…460 HzB94053006
RCMS490-D4-2DC 70…276 V / AC 70…276 V, 42…460 HzB94053012




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